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Measure & Fit

Step 1: Approximate Measurements

Take approximate measurements of the area you would like to put glass, counting the number of holes and socket cut-outs required. If possible please include some photographs of the area.

Step 2: Make it Unique

Consider colours, patterns or images that you might like. You can view or galleries and blogs to give you some ideas, or alternatively get in touch to seek advice from our design team. You don’t need to decide now, but having a rough idea of what you like will help our team tailor a solution for you. We can also gauge ideas using architect plans, kitchen layouts etc..

Step 3: Get in Touch

The next stage is to contact our team. Call us on 0203 332 2002. Alternatively you can fill out the message box below or email us at: with your details and measurements. Please provide as much information as possible such as purpose, style, colour, pattern you are after, as well as your postcode. We’ll get in touch to provide an estimate for Glass, Measuring and Fitting.

Step 4: Estimate & Costs

We’ll get in touch to provide an estimate for Glass, Measuring and Fitting. If you are happy with the estimate, we will arrange a site survey and consultation. We require a £100 (Non-Refundable) site-survey fee to be paid for the measuring service. This can be paid by phone or directly into our account.

Step 5: Site Survey & Consultation

If you are happy with the estimate, our fitting team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a date and time to come visit your home. The fitters are there to take accurate measurements, template if necessary and provide expert advice. Prior to our visit we request that the area in questions is finished (tiling finished, worktops installed, stairwells completed) so that we are exact in our dimensions and can ensure a high quality and exact finish. We cannot be held responsible for any changes made after final survey.

Step 6: Fitting & Installation

On completion of our final survey, we will contact you with a final quote. Once prices are agreed we require 50% of the quote to be paid as deposit. Once deposits are exchanged we will get the glass into production. Our experienced team will then return approximately 3 weeks later for installation. We work fast, and take care of everything including the cleaning up. Once completed, and you are happy, we’ll take the remaining balance.

Measure & Install